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1. Password needs to be changed after 1st time login.
2. You will have to change your password compulsorily every 30 calendar days.
3. On login after the 30th day from your previous change of password, you will be taken to the "Change Password" screen.
4. The New password cannot be the same as the immediate 3 previous password.
5. The password cannot be the same as your User ID.
6. The password will have to be alphanumeric, and preferably with one special character.
7. Special characters that can be used are ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( )
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9. Account will get locked upon 3 wrong password.
10. Please use forgot password link before your account get locked.
11. You need to call from your registered mobile number or write to from your registered
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12. The password should not be shared with anyone. Prostocks / Sunlight Broking LLP shall not be
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